The people of Birchbay, Washington love their trees. Whether it’s enjoying their ample shade in the summer, marveling at their brilliant autumn colors, or celebrating their spring renewal, there’s no doubt that our trees bring us happiness that can’t be measured. However, trees can also be a lot of work, and managing heavy branches, stubborn stumps, and dead trees can be labor-intensive; without the right equipment and expertise, it can even be dangerous. Hiring a tree trimmer or tree removal service is sometimes necessary to keep your yard safe and free of dead wood. Whatcom Tree Service is Birchbay’s Top Rated Local® tree company, and we take as much pride in our work as our clients do in their marvelous trees.

Birchbay Tree Removal

Your yard is the first thing any visitors see when they come to your property, so why present anything less than your best? While trees seem to live on for years at a time, we know they can’t make it forever. Whether an illness got to your tree or some other damage, you know that it cannot be fixed. In the best of cases, these trees are eyesores—but in the worst cases, they are a hazard to you and your family. That’s where we come in. Whatcom Tree Service is prepared to help you get rid of any unwanted or dying trees you might have on your property.

Birchbay Tree Trimming

If your yard is as filled with trees as we think, we’re sure one of your least favorite chores is trimming up those trees. No worries, that’s where we happily come in. Our team knows just how to handle each species of tree in the area properly and in a way that will encourage their health. Some people feel as though they can handle the trimming on their own, but we urge them to think again. Improperly trimming trees can leave them exposed to disease and pests that can harm them or even kill them.

At Whatcom Tree Service, we offer thinning, windowing, and skirting in order to guarantee the best possible results for your yard. Let us know how you want your yard to look, and we can take care of the rest!

Birchbay Tree Care & Maintenance

The trees in your yard are a stunning addition to your home, and there’s no way you want to get rid of them. However, once spring rolls around again, you know that you’ll have no idea how to properly care for them. We can help with that too! Bellingham Whatcom County is home to many tree species, and each one requires a certain level and type of care. Ensure that you trees have the care they need for the rest of their lives by reaching out to our team. We’d be happy to create a maintenance plan so your trees are permanently maintained. Reach out to us now to learn more.

Birchbay Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Those of you with an unsightly stump in the yard always have the option to rent your own stump grinder, but we urge you to think again. This often takes more time, frustration, and effort than we know any old stump is worth. When you combine the time spent learning how to use the machine, as well as the time spent cleaning up afterwards, you might find that it would be less expensive to just hire help. Also, tree stumps can be quite the safety hazard for your family, especially children who do not watch where they are going. Tree stumps can attract pests, too, meaning that your yard could be filled with unwelcome visitors in no time at all. Please contact us to handle your tree stumps for you today!

Your Tree Service Professionals

If you’ve got dead branches in your trees, you owe it to yourself to seek the services of an expert tree trimmer before they pose a danger to you, your family, or your property. Whatcom Tree Service can remove branches safely, leaving your trees looking better than ever and your yard free of falling hazards. We also provide tree removal and stump removal services to help you clear your yard of unsightly tree remnants and give you the chance to reclaim the extra space for more functional purposes. And our ongoing tree care services can keep your trees healthy and looking good all year round.

If you live in Birchbay and need help managing your trees, call us or contact Whatcom Tree Service online today for a quote. We’d love the opportunity to show you the value of our services.