There’s no doubt that squirrels can be a real nuisance. This particular species of rodent is adept at getting into places you thought would be out of reach, leaving debris and damage in their path. They can also present a danger to the eggs of nesting birds in your yard. If you have squirrels living in your Bellingham yard, you may have also wondered if they cause damage to your trees.

Squirrels are an arboreal species of animal, meaning that they live and nest in trees. However, they cause little to no damage to the trees they inhabit. Preferring to live inside of pre-existing holes that have naturally formed in tree knots and other structures, squirrels do not carve their own nests. If such a hole is not available for nesting, the squirrel will build a nest in the tree’s branches out of twigs and leaves. Neither type of nest is harmful to the tree. Occasionally a squirrel may strip pieces of bark away from a tree’s trunk or branches, but these areas are generally small and cause minimal damage to the tree.

Despite their minimal impact on your trees, you may wish to keep squirrels out of your yard for other reasons. If your trees do have holes that a squirrel can inhabit, they can be blocked off by wire mesh or other types of barriers. They can also be trapped and relocated, but just be aware that since squirrels by nature choose to live in trees, removing one animal may just be making room for another one to move in.

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