Don’t be mistaken — although, at Whatcom Tree Service, we are tree removal experts, we don’t do it because we hate trees. In fact, we love them! While it’s sad to take down trees, it’s also necessary, and we’ve come to appreciate them in a profound way.

If you’ve ever been to the Bellingham, WA area, you surely know how prevalent trees are in our lovely state. Washington gets a lot of flak for its excessive rain, but why aren’t people talking about our incredible trees? There are some amazing things about the trees here in Washington, and in this blog post, we’ll explore some of them.

Washington Has the Only Rainforest in the US

When people think of rainforests, they usually think of the tropical rainforests in the southern hemisphere that are ripe with parrots and snakes and leopards. But, did you know that Washington’s forests are, in fact, classified as rainforests? This shouldn’t be a surprise when you consider how much rain we get, but it’s pretty interesting when you consider the fact that there are no other rainforests in all of the United States.

The forests of Washington and Bellingham are defined as temperate rainforests and are differentiated from their tropical cousins because they’re much colder and cool in nature. People from all over the country are wowed by our gargantuan and vibrant green trees, and it’s not hard to see why — there’s quite literally nothing else in the country that compares!

Washington Has Some of the Tallest Trees…

Lots of rain equals lots of growth, and with lots of growth, some records are bound to be broken. In Washington, we have some of the tallest trees in the country, and several record-holding heights for certain tree species. For example, we have the largest Pacific silver fir, standing at 218 feet with a diameter of 6 ½ feet!

Even more impressive is a particularly old douglas fir tree we have in one of our forests. While it’s (surprisingly) not the tallest of its kind, it reaches up to a whopping 298 feet! That’s almost a 12-foot wide trunk. For perspective, that’s only about seven feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty. Fortunately for Whatcom Tree Services, we’ve never had to remove a tree quite that big.

…And the Oldest

Speaking of these gargantuan trees, did you know that many of Washington’s oldest specimens are hundreds of years old? In fact, one of Washington’s biggest trees, a massive Sitka spruce, is estimated to be about 1000 years old!

We don’t need to tell you how ridiculously long 1000 years is. When this tree was a little sprout, castles were barely being invented in Europe, and the Holy Roman Empire was in power. This tree wasn’t even halfway through its life when the Americas were discovered, and it’s been alive, sitting in the same spot, through every major technological discovery made by mankind. It’s an unfathomably old tree and just another one of the cool things you can find in our Washington forests!

They Produce the Most Apples and Cherries

Towering pine trees aren’t Washington’s only kind of tree. Did you know that Washington is the lead producer in the country of both apples and cherries? Washington’s rainfall and altitude make it an ideal environment for all kinds of plants to grow, including the ones that yield delicious fruits. But you probably already know this if you’ve had apples and cherries in other states…they just don’t compare, do they?

WA is 52% forest

Another fun fact is that more than half of Washington is forest! This can be easy to forget when you’re constantly just moving through the paved highways of the Seattle metro area, but you’ll soon remember when you step away and realize just how overwhelmingly green everything is.

We hope you don’t get too broken up when you have to call Whatcom Tree Service for a tree removal…while it’s sad to lose one tree, it’s a good feeling to know that your state is completely packed full of them!

Petrified Tree Forest

Have you ever seen petrified wood? It’s an amazing phenomenon where wood becomes fossilized, essentially turning into a stone shell of what it used to look like. Petrified wood can’t just be found anywhere, and is rather expensive to buy! So it’s pretty cool that, in Washington, we have a petrified tree “forest” in the form of Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. You should check it out sometime to see some incredible samples that will blow your mind!

Appreciating Our Trees

At Whatcom Tree Service, we’ve worked for years doing tree removal, stump grinding services, and trimming in the Bellingham area and surrounding regions. We have profound respect for the trees that grow here, but we also recognize the need for some of these beauties to be removed. If you ever find yourself in need of an expert tree service, contact us today for a free quote!