Nothing lives forever, and that includes trees. If you know the tree on your Bellingham property has been around for awhile and hasn’t been looking too good lately, be sure you know what signs to look for that might indicate that it is rotting or dying.

Trunk Damage

If you see giants cracks on the trunk of the tree, this can indicate that the trunk is damaged. Healthy trees have bark fall off all the time, and then new bark grows to replace the old. However, when a tree begins to die, new bark will not appear over the cracks.


One easy way to tell if your tree is rotting is to check for fungus. If you notice large fungus, like shelf or bracket fungus, growing on your tree, it means the tree is rotting internally. Anything beyond the fungus is likely already dead or dying.

Root Problems

The roots are underneath the tree, so you might think it’s difficult to tell how healthy they are. However, you can usually detect root damage by paying attention to the body of the tree. Is it leaning more dramatically one way than it was before? This can indicate that the roots are no longer able to do their job effectively.

Your Bellingham Tree Removal Experts

A dying tree isn’t just unsightly—it’s dangerous. Make sure you are keeping you and your family safe by taking care of the tree before it falls and causes severe property destruction or injury. Call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service today! We can take care of your tree for you.

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