The new year is upon us, which means many of you are making New Year’s resolutions! Regardless of whether your resolution is to lose weight or read more, we at Whatcom Tree Service, also want you to consider resolving to improve your yard!

Out With the Old

The old adage, “Out with the old and in with the new” is always on people’s’ minds during the new year. When going through your list of items and old ideas you are ready to abandon, you should also take a look at your home. Is it time to renovate the kitchen, finally? Will your budget allow it?

An affordable and effective way of transforming your home while adhering to a budget is to update your yard! Ask yourself if you have an old, dying tree that’s time may be coming to an end. Plan ahead and imagine what you can do with that space once the tree is removed!

How Should I Decide?

Some trees are beautiful and should definitely just be pruned! However, if your trees exhibit any of the following signs, we recommend that you give the Bellingham tree removal experts at Whatcom Tree Service a call.

A Species that is Undesirable

Some species of trees are not ones you want in your yard. For example, trees, such as black locust, Siberian elm, Norway maple, empress trees, and more can have characteristics that will damage your property in the long run. Weak wood that will break often, large amounts of debris, shallow roots, and infested trunks can all come from these tree species.

A Tree that is Damaged

If the tree is less than 50 percent healthy, it may be time to say goodbye. Trees that aren’t fully dead can live on for many more years, but they will always appear to be in bad shape and could lead to issues, including rot and infestations. Trunk damage, such as cracks, seams, and dead branches indicate that the tree is decaying on the inside. Check to see how big the area of damage is. If it is less than 25 percent, the tree may heal itself with no problem!

A Tree with Large, Dead Branches

If you have a large tree in your yard with dead branches, this can be a serious hazard to your home, you, and your family. See how much of the tree has dead branches. If it’s less than a fourth of the tree, the chances of the tree surviving are good! Be sure to call us to remove any branches that cross or rub on one another. These branches, particularly the thin ones, are much more susceptible to splitting.

A Tree that Leans

Trees that lean are definitely much less safe than those growing vertically. If you have noticed a sudden lean in your tree that was not there before, it’s definitely time to call in an expert. This can be an indication of weak or broken roots, and it usually means that the tree needs to be removed immediately.

A Tree with Little Room for Growth

In the forest, trees are able to grow close together safely. However, your house is not a tree! The safest distance that a large tree can have from your home is 20 feet or more. For smaller trees, they can be planted as close as six feet away from the house. Understand what type of tree you have and how much of a hazard it may be as it continues to grow.

Bellingham’s Tree Removal Experts

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to look at the big picture and make some changes! If you are looking for tree removal for your Bellingham home, make sure to call the experts at Whatcom Tree Service today. We would be happy to help you transform your yard.