When it’s time to trim that tree in your yard, it seems to us that you have two choices: You can either grab your chainsaw and have at it, or you can call Bellingham’s professionals at Whatcom Tree Service. We think the choice is obvious, but in case you aren’t swayed, we would like to share some of the most common tree cutting accidents that we have seen from people who tried to cut their trees without professional help. In order to avoid injuring yourself, be sure to contact us first! We can take care of your trees without a hospital visit.

Getting Hit by the Branch

We know that if you are trimming your tree from a lower angle than the branch, your instinct may be to look up at the tree. Unfortunately, without proper planning and a way to secure the section you are removing, this branch can fall and hit you. These branches may leave small scratches, but they can also have more lasting damage if they are bigger.


You probably had to climb up on a ladder to reach the top of that tree or even onto the roof. When people who are not accustomed to moving around and working on a ladder try to do something as difficult as trimming their tree, it’s not uncommon for them to lose their balance and fall right off! Without proper harnessing, this can mean a serious injury!

Electrocuting Yourself

They say to never climb a tree near power lines, and the same goes for trimming trees near power lines if you aren’t protected! Trimming branches near the wires can lead to someone accidentally touching the wires or having a falling branch knock wires down. These falling wires can electrocute anyone who is too close, including the tree trimmer or even someone just stabilizing the ladder.


While cuts may not seem serious, they can come from everything from a rogue branch to a slight misstep when using the chainsaw. Usually, cuts are a result of improper use of cutting equipment, whether that be the chainsaw or a hacksaw. Be sure you know how to use these tools correctly!


Yes, even amputations can result from improper tree trimming! Power tools and other heavy-duty tree trimming tools, such as chippers, can lead to a lost finger, hand, or other body parts if you aren’t careful. This can even come from the tools malfunctioning, so you may operate the tools correctly and still get injured!

Eye Injuries

An inevitable part of trimming trees is that sawdust and other debris will go flying into the air. Without proper eye safety glasses or goggles, these little wood chips can land in your eye and cause a corneal abrasion, cut, or scratch to your eye. You can also experience an eye injury if a wood chip happens to fly out of the chipper!


Much like cuts, these are never comfortable! When tree bark comes into contact with your bare skin, it can lead to scrapes and even splinters. If these are not cleaned and taken care of immediately, it can lead to infection.

Stings and Bites

Trees aren’t just some object in your yard; they are also a home to many little creatures and insects. When you disturb the home of bees or wasps, they might attack you, the tree cutter. Even small animals, such as squirrels, may venture out to bite you and protect their home. Be wary of ants as well, as many of them also bite!


Poisonous plants, including poison ivy or poison oak, like to grow up a tree. You may have a difficult time finding them if there is other foliage around the tree that is hiding the leaves. Just keep in mind that being exposed to any of these plants can lead to serious skin irritation, rashes, infection, and blistering!

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