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Trees: Whether you love them or not, they are incredibly important! When you are ready to do some maintenance on the tree in your Bellingham yard, be sure you call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service. We can take care of small tasks like tree trimming and pruning, or we can handle the difficult projects such as tree and stump removal. Here are few fun facts about trees to make sure you know just how important they are to our world and to you:

  • They can increase your property value by up to 14 percent if they are maintained properly.
  • The average tree in a city area only has a life expectancy of around 8 years.
  • The shade and wind buffering provided by trees saves humans an average of 2.1 billion dollars per year in heating and cooling costs.
  • Just one tree can produce around 260 pounds of oxygen a year. That means that two mature trees could provide enough oxygen each year to sustain a family of four.
  • Over the course of its lifetime, one tree can absorb up to an entire ton of carbon dioxide!
  • The tallest tree in America, a whopping 369 feet tall, is a Coast Redwood tree. It’s growing in northern California’s Redwood National Park and is over 2000 years old.
  • One tree can absorb the amount of carbon in one year that a car produces by driving 26,000 miles.

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With all of the wonderful things trees can do for our planet, the least we can do is take care of them! If you are ready for some tree maintenance around your Bellingham home, be sure to give the pros at Whatcom Tree Service a call today!