Everyone knows that having a dead tree on your property can be an eyesore, but did you know that it might actually be illegal? Be sure that you know your city’s laws about trees and plants to avoid any citations or fines. We at Whatcom Tree Service want Bellingham residents to be prepared, know the laws, and enjoy their lawn with no hassle! Make sure you keep an eye out for the following violations:

Hazard Tree

According to Bellingham code, a tree is considered hazardous when it “poses a high risk of damage to persons or property.” If the local code enforcement officers notice a dangerous tree, they will take the necessary steps to remove it. For example, if the tree is on city property, the city will take care of it; however, if the tree is on private property (your front yard), they will have you pay for the tree removal. The officers may return at a later date to see that it has been removed.

Obstructive Tree

An obstructive tree is one that may be alive and healthy, but it is blocking pedestrian walkways or important traffic signs. When a tree is covering a stop sign, drivers may not know that they need to stop and could end up in a crash. When your code enforcement officers note an obstructive tree, they make a note of whether the tree is located on public or private property. If the tree in your yard is beginning to hide the stop sign at the intersection near your house, it’s time to get it trimmed!

Be sure you prevent a citation by calling your premier choice for tree service in Bellingham: Whatcom Tree Service. We can trim your trees and remove any dead or dangerous trees that may pose a safety hazard. Contact us today to learn more!