One of the many advantages of having a yard full of nice, big trees is the wildlife that they can attract. When conditions are right, your Bellingham yard can attract a variety of different birds to provide deeper interest and enjoyment in your home. Seeing migrating birds stop to rest in your trees, as well as watching year-round resident birds as they nest and raise their young, can be a calming and rewarding experience for you and your family. Here are a few tips to help you attract more birds to your yard.

Food: Of course, carefully-placed feeders in your yard will increase bird traffic. It’s best to include different types of food for a variety of different species. Loose seed, suet cakes, and sugary nectar for hummingbirds are a few examples of the different foods you could make available to your winged friends. Observe which birds are eating which kind of food, and adjust the types you offer to attract desired species. Those feeders will empty quicker than you think, so be ready to stay on top of the refilling!

Shelter: Some birds will build a nest in your trees, while others prefer dense shrubs and thickets. Having diverse plant life will help you to attract different kinds of birds. Some birds prefer to do less work and will simply move into a pre-existing structure. Building birdhouses can be fun, and it’s rewarding when somebody moves into one of your creations. Food sources should be close to areas of shelter, giving birds the ability to quickly hide if a predator appears.

Water: Like all living things, birds need a source of clean drinking water. They also use it for bathing. A pond, fountain, or other water feature can be especially useful in attracting birds. If that simply isn’t possible for you or your yard, a simple bird bath will do. In winter months, a heated water dish will go a long way toward bringing in visitors who may be having trouble finding water that isn’t frozen.

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