Large, evergreen trees can be particularly difficult to know what to do with when they are in your yard, and we at Whatcom Tree Service understand this. That’s why we are happy to come to your home and perform any necessary maintenance on these trees! The Pacific Northwest Conifer is located exactly where the name implies – only the Pacific Northwest. Because of this, it takes knowing the region and the conifer itself to truly be able to care for the tree the way that it needs. When you call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service to help you, we know that we can handle any conifer tree at your Bellingham home by performing the following:

Identify and Observe

While it isn’t difficult for us to identify the Pacific Northwest Conifer, we need a little bit more information to know exactly what the tree needs. For example, is the tree decaying at all? How healthy are its branches? Once we have measured the tree and discovered any weaknesses, we will know how to move forward from there.

Note the Risks

We also keep in mind the tree’s environment, as well as how close it is to your home. We want to know every detail possible to ensure that this tree doesn’t break and fall, crashing into your home or injuring anyone in the process. In order to do this, we play close attention to any structural issues, the health of the roots, the current weather and season forecasts, any prior work that has been done on the tree, construction history, and any legal considerations we need to know before caring for your conifer.

Lessen the Risks as Much as Possible

We know that these trees can cause problems, but we also know that proper care can help lessen these issues and make it possible to protect your tree, and subsequently your property, for the future. We do this by:

  • Restoration – We work to build the soil and promote root growth in about a one-foot radius around your tree.
  • Pruning – This helps limit the width of the tree, as well as lessens the weight on the limbs. It also promotes healthy branch and foliage growth.
  • Removal – We only go to remove trees when necessary. In this case, a tree that is structurally weak, one with pathogens or invasive insects, or one that has outgrown the space may need to be removed.

Call the Tree Service Professionals

When it comes to caring for trees, especially those located specifically in our area, it’s important to trust professionals who know what these trees need. Our team has been trained to identify any possible problems in a tree and handle them before it may be too late. If you have a Pacific Northwest Conifer tree, call the tree service and removal professionals at Whatcom Tree Service. We would be more than happy to come to your home, assess the trees on your property, and provide a plan moving forward to care for their health. Contact us today to get started!