In our previous blog post, we talked about some of the tallest trees in America. These included “General Sherman,” the biggest tree in the world; “Seven Sisters,” located in Louisiana; Osage Orange Tree in Virginia; “Bennett,” a Western Jupiter in California; Wili Wili Coralbean in Hawaii; and “Quinault Lake,” a Western Redcedar in Washington.Today, we are going to share some more of the tallest trees in the country! While you might not have the tallest trees in the country in your yard, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be taken care of. When your trees are in need of trimming or pruning, call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service!

Plains Cottonwood, Montana

The plains cottonwood tree is thought to be the greatest tree of all the prairies in America. This is because it is one of the biggest and grandest of hardwood trees on the entire continent. Early settlers used them for shade, as there were not many trees around to provide relief from the sun. The Native Americans used the bark and sap of these trees for both ceremonies and medical purposes, and Lewis and Clark fashioned canoes from these trees. This specific tree entered the Register in 2012, and it has a girth of 394 inches. At 112 feet, this tree can be seen from quite a distance!

Valley Oak, California

Another California tree, the valley oaks are one of the favorite trees of woodpeckers. These trees grow acorns that the woodpeckers love, but they can also peck holes into the tree to hide their acorns. This oak grows only in California, but one specific valley oak stands out above the rest. It is located in Mendocino County, is 348 inches around, and it stands 153 feet tall! This tree has been on the Register since 2010.

Limber Pine, Utah

Although these pines look just as sturdy as the next tree, the twigs are both tough and flexible. The wood is quite hard, which is why Americans in the 18th and 19th centuries used them as mine props and railroad ties. These trees can live up to about two thousand years, which gives them plenty of time to grow! The largest of these trees is located in Uinta-Wasach-Cache National Forest. With a circumference of 275 inches and a height of 62 feet, it certainly stands out. The average height for these trees is only about 40 feet tall, so this one has outgrown everyone’s expectations! It has been on the Register since 1968.

Honey Mesquite, Texas

Honey mesquites are the most common kind of all the mesquites, and there are quite a few mesquites in the Lone Star State! These trees are considered to be a part of the legume family because they grow a yellow seed pod that can be eaten by both humans and animals. You can even make flour from the pods of a honey mesquite, and the flour is full of proteins and carbohydrates! The honey mesquite is quite adept at surviving droughts without much difficulty and can even continue fruiting during a time with little to no water. The largest one is located in Real County and has been on the Register since 984. With a circumference of 183 inches and a height of 56 feet, this tree certainly stands out!

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