As experts in residential tree services, we know our stuff when it comes to trees. In addition to knowing everything there is to know about tree removal, stump grinding, and tree trimming, we also have an understanding of how trees affect the little ecosystem in your yard, and how they work in harmony with (and sometimes, in opposition to) the other life that surrounds them. There are pests and bugs that destroy your yard and your trees, but there are also critters you might not mind having around so much — birds are one of them!

While there are birds that are exceptions to this rule, birds, for the most part, are beneficial to have around for several reasons. Let’s look at some of the ways that birds can act as a force for good in your backyard.

Birds Are a Natural Form of Pest Control

Man-made solutions to pest control leave a lot to be desired. Harmful chemicals and pesticides aren’t really good for anyone or anything, so it’s best to avoid them if there’s a reasonable alternative. Birds can do the job instead!

Did you know that bugs and insects can be a devastating force to trees? For example, in the last 20 years, pine beetles have killed roughly 834 million trees in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Pests can wreak absolute havoc on trees and gardens; you’ll want to get them out of your backyard ecosystem at all costs. We’ve performed tree removal services on countless numbers of trees that were victims of pests and bugs.

The solution is simple — birds eat bugs. By having them around, a lot of would-be pests will instead become delicious entrees for our flying friends.

Birds Are a Good Weed Deterrent

In addition to eating bugs, birds can also be effective for preventing weeds. It comes down to the same thing — their appetite. Birds love to eat whatever seeds they find, and many strains of common weeds are right up their alley. If you want to prevent runaway weed growth, finding ways to attract birds to the trees in your yard is a great way to do it!

Birds Pollinate Flowers

If you’ve been keeping up with the news in the last few years, you’ll know that there’s a concerning trend of dwindling honeybee populations. Flower pollination is an extremely important natural process, so if you can help it to happen by attracting birds to your yard, you’re doing your part to help; it will also make your flowers look more radiant!

Birds are a Good Stress Reliever

Have you ever wondered why bird-watching is an extensive hobby with untold amounts of literature, as opposed to, say, squirrel-watching or bug-watching? There’s something to be said about the calming presence that birds bring into an area.

Birds can be calming for a few reasons — they’re pretty to observe, they sing lovely songs that never seem to get old, and they generally make the environment look and feel more alive. When it comes down to it, a yard filled with birds is just more appealing than a yard that has none.

Care For the Trees In Your Yard

One surefire way to make your yard more appealing for birds is to have good healthy trees that they will want to nest in. There are many problems that can make a tree hazardous or unfit for wildlife, and if you have such a tree, you’ll want to consider calling your local professionals for tree removal. Whatcom Tree Service has provided residential tree services to the people of Bellingham for years, and we’re happy to assist in helping your yard to be rid of problem tree, so that it can be a haven for local wildlife, and all those pretty birds nearby. Contact us today for a free quote!