While it’s hard to imagine what a “tree emergency” might be, it becomes easy to notice the danger once it is in your front yard. Trees, in general, should be treated seriously. After serious storms or winds, many people find their beloved trees uprooted in their yards. Some are blown over, and others can be scattered around the neighborhood. Branches can fall and cause a safety hazard. The question that remains is, who will clean up the debris and handle the fallen trees? Many turn to their insurance policies to find out.

Fallen Trees

In general, any tree that ends up on your property after a storm is considered to be your problem, even if it was once your neighbor’s tree. The good news is, most of the time, the cost of moving the tree is covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. You are responsible for the cost of emergency tree removal and any of the resulting damage. This means that it is essential to call your insurance agent to check that your policy will cover this damage.

Normally, the price of removing a 40-foot three with a 36-inch diameter will cost you a thousand dollars. The actual costs can vary, but understanding what sorts of costs you may be dealing with will help you when you reach out to your insurance agent. Also, when you hire a tree removal company, make sure they have insurance. Specifically, they should have property, casualty, and worker’s compensation insurance. Without this, you can get sued if they get injured removing the tree from your property. The good news is, we at Whatcom Tree Service are all licensed and insured!

Fallen Branches

Regardless of whether an old tree dropped a branch or someone accidentally knocked it down, we know how hard and irritating it can be to deal with a fallen branch. First of all, make sure you stay safe. Only handle the limbs that are on the ground and you are certain you can handle safely. A branch hanging from a power line needs to be taken care of by a professional team. Do not even attempt to knock down the branch, even if the power has been shut off. It is not worth the risk.

Removing any large branches can be more dangerous than it appears. You could throw your back out, and using a chainsaw without proper training can lead to many different injuries. With 24-hour emergency services, there is no reason not to call Whatcom Tree Service to handle the problem for you!

Diseased Trees

Your trees are lovely—and you’d like to keep them that way. After all, trees don’t just sprout up from the earth overnight. It takes time for a stately tree to grow and become the beautiful part of your yard that you know and love. That’s why protecting your trees from disease matters! If you believe that your tree may be infected in some way, call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service!

Diseased trees are usually the ones that have been overrun with bugs or other conditions, and may even have visible issues with its appearance. You can try to identify the issue by looking for common symptoms and signs. For example, digging and burrowing holes, insects, decay, and fungus are all serious issues. If it appears as though there is sawdust around the tree, the issue is typically carpenter ants or termites.

Check the bark and trunk to see if there are any cracks or weak section. Any bald spots or peeling usually indicates that the tree is infested with insects of some sort. And, if you find dead branches in the springtime, when everything should be new and in bloom, your tree may be dying.

Contact Whatcom Tree Service

If you spy any of these tree emergencies, do not hesitate to call our team of professionals! Whatcom Tree Service is here to help you keep your property and your family safe from harm. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency services. Reach out now to learn more, and make sure to check back to learn more about other tree emergencies! Our team should also be called when there is an insect infestation, damaged trees, or dead trees. We will reveal how to check for these issues in our next post.