If you live in Washington, you don’t need us to tell you that there are a lot of trees. “A lot” is probably an understatement — living in the Bellingham area is practically like living in a rainforest. Because there’s no shortage of trees, you’ve probably found that there’s a lot of spare wood to go around. Whether it’s from a felled tree or the result of recent tree trimming, there’s a whole lot of wood and you might find yourself wondering what to do with it.

At Whatcom Tree service, we’ve specialized in performing all kinds of tree-related jobs for the people of Bellingham for years. We’ve had to deal with truckloads of leftover wood, so you can bet we’ve learned a lot about how to put it to use over the years. Got leftover wood from dead trees or fallen branches from tree trimming? Consider these ideas!

Use As Firewood

If you own a firepit, you’ve probably come to realize how much of a commodity spare wood is. Bundles of firewood are surprisingly expensive, given that a single pack only sustains one fire for a couple of hours. Hoarding your spare wood and using it to burn in your fire pit is a great way to put your fallen branches to use!

Make a Birdhouse

What better way to utilize your wood than to put it back into the service of the fellow trees in your yard? If you have wood that’s thick enough to make small boards out of, you can make a little birdhouse for your trees outside! Birdhouses are beneficial because they attract birds and give them a safe place to raise their young. There are many benefits to having birds in your yard — they can eat pests, prevent weed growth, and increase curb value.

Create Stools

This one depends on the thickness of the wood you’re dealing with and is suited for the wood you’d get from fallen trees. Before you call your local residential tree service to remove your tree, consider cutting its trunk into several bite-size pieces to use as stools! Tree stump stools can be implemented attractively in rustic-style homes, and are also perfect for outdoor fire pit circles.

Build a Garden Arbor

If you’re willing to get creative with fallen branches, you’ll find they’re surprisingly adept at building structures! One such structure is a garden arbor — many gardens and backyards have cute archways or arbors, and you’ll find that, providing you have enough branches, you can make one yourself! Need an idea of where to start? Doing a simple online search for “tree branch garden arbor” will give you plenty of starting ideas!

Donate to Your Local Tree Service

When in doubt, you can always give your wood to a local tree service. At Whatcom Tree Service, we have been providing residential tree services to the people of the Bellingham, WA area for years. We’ve performed so many tree removal services and tree trimming jobs that we’ve lost count. Typically, after a job, we’ll take all of the leftover wood so the client doesn’t have to deal with it. We know of many ways that the wood can be repurposed and we’re connected with many businesses and organizations in the Bellingham community. If you’re thinking of throwing the wood away, hold that thought and call us instead! We’d love to take it off your hands.

And, of course, if you find yourself in the need of tree removal, stump grinding, or tree trimming services, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’ll be happy to tend to your residential tree needs.