A tree’s root system can include roots above and below ground that serve multiple functions for the health and structure of the tree. From securing a tree in the ground to providing nutrition to the rest of the tree, a tree’s root system is vital to its survival.

Absorbing Roots are the fine roots that jut from the main tree roots. They are the youngest of the trees roots and are often referred to as the root hair. These absorbing roots, as the name suggests, absorb the water and other nutrients a tree needs. Most of these roots stay close to the surface, branching off from the sinker and lateral roots.

Heart Roots are the main roots extending down and out from the center of the tree. These are often the first roots that the tree produces. All of the other roots stem from the large, mature heart roots.

Sinker Roots extend downward from the lateral and heart roots. These roots are used by the tree to extend deeper in the ground providing needed depth for a strong and sturdy tree.

Lateral Roots extend horizontally from the heart roots. Most of the tree’s root system is made up of lateral roots close to the surface, providing a wide and sturdy root system. Lateral roots often extend three times the width of visible tree branches.

The root system is vital to the survival of a tree, and the most difficult part of tree removal; often leading to a visible stump left behind. If you need full tree removal, or just stump grinding for a stump that another company left behind, contact Whatcom Tree Service today for all of your Ferndale tree service needs.