Perhaps one of the most recognizable trees of Ferndale and the rest of the Pacific Northwest is the Douglas Fir tree. These conifers are found along much of the west coast, from Northern California up to Washington and Southern Canada. With the trees plentiful nature in Washington, it only makes sense that we discuss the Douglas Fir to provide some information that will help you better understand this iconic tree.

While the Douglas Fir is also referred to as Oregon Pines or Douglas Spruces are, oddly enough, not Firs, Pines, or Spruces. Rather, The Douglas Fir is actually an Evergreen tree, meaning that it holds onto its needles all year long.

While the Douglas Fir can grow to massive heights of forty to seventy feet tall, and twelve to twenty feet wide, they are prone to damage in high winds. Their massive size combined with potential damage can make these trees dangerous if they are in close proximity to homes, parking, or high traffic areas. Should you find yourself in possession of a damaged Douglas Fir, be sure to contact Whatcom Tree Service to discuss tree removal or emergency tree service.

If you are seeking tall privacy trees, you may want to consider the Douglas Fir as it grows at a rate of thirteen to twenty-four inches per year. This makes the Douglas Fir an ideal candidate for those looking for shade or tall privacy.

If you are seeking more information about the Douglas Fir or any other tree, contact Whatcom Tree Service today. With over 30 years of tree service experience, we know trees.