So you’ve got a big old stump in your yard. Maybe it’s a generational stump that has been comfy in its spot for years. Maybe it’s the remnants of a giant tree that just got felled. Wherever the stump came from, there comes a time where stumps just need to go.

A large tree stump can cause a variety of problems to your yard. It’s unsightly, it doesn’t contribute much in terms of usefulness, and can be a veritable safety hazard for anyone who’s moving around the yard at any pace that’s faster than a snail. The stump’s time has come.

But hold your horses — before you go jumping into your toolbox and rummaging through your supply shed, consider the fact that stump removal is a job that’s better left to the experts. While tearing away that stump might seem really appealing in the moment, take our word for it as a professional tree service that stump grinding is not as easy as it looks.

When Should I Remove a Tree Stump Myself?

We’re not saying you should never handle stump removal by yourself; there are jobs you can do on your own, but it very much depends on what you classify as a “stump.” If it’s less than a foot in diameter and the roots are only a few inches deep, you might be able to get it out with a shovel and some hard work and patience. However, there are some who would look at a stump of that size as more of a “stalk.”

Tree stumps are like icebergs — only a small fraction of their total size is visible from the surface. Stumps can have immense, convoluted root systems that are a nightmare to remove. As a general rule of thumb, you should only attempt to remove stumps by yourself if they’re relatively new and haven’t had time to establish a large root system, or when the stump is so small that you’re sure of your ability to dig it out beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Why It’s Better to Call a Professional Stump Grinder Service

They Have All the Equipment (and they know how to use it)

The biggest hurdle to stump grinding on your own is that you — unless you’re some kind of stump enthusiast — lack the equipment to do the job yourself. There are solutions to this — you can rent a stump grinder yourself, but doing so is pretty expensive, and there’s one important component you can’t buy: experience.

Even if you rent a stump grinder yourself, at the end of the day, you’re still operating a giant machine with massive churning blades, trying to break apart something that really doesn’t want to be broken apart. This isn’t like picking up any old lawnmower; stump grinders are much more difficult to use, and experience with one is a boon for any stump removal job. If the amount of experience you have is “none,” do yourself a favor and call some professionals.

You’ll Save a Lot of Time

Time is money, and even if you theoretically save money by doing the job yourself (which you might not after all is said and done), the time you spend doing it might end up making it more “expensive” anyway, in all the time you spend that could have been used for more productive ventures.

When you call a professional stump grinding service, the job will be done quickly and efficiently, because it’s something they have experience doing time and time again. Not only that, but they’re properly equipped for the job, no matter the context. Any unexpected variable, unforeseen difficulty, or exception to the rule will be met with a quick solution, while it could take you hours to overcome such obstacles.

When you hire a stump grinding service, you can have your stump removed, and start planting new crops in its place within the same day. This is one of those jobs where the cost of convenience is more than worth it.

It’s Just a Mess

Tree stumps don’t really like being disturbed, and the last thing they want to do is leave their spot, so you can bet they’ll put up as much of a fight as possible when it comes to removal. And yes — that means it’s going to get messy.

It’s easy to underestimate how exhaustive the cleaning process is after stump removal, and unfortunately, it’s an aspect of the job that a lot of people don’t factor in when they’re weighing the cost to labor ratio. Stump removal will leave a veritable wreck of wooden debris all over your yard, as well as a big hole to fill once you’ve dealt with the difficult roots. Cleaning this up will be a sizable addition to the time, efforts, and expenses if you weren’t adequately prepared for the job.

When you call a professional stump removal service, they will take care of all of this for you. Due to the extensive amount of equipment and experience they have, cleaning up the mess isn’t bothersome or a burden, it’s just part of the job. At Whatcom Tree Service, we wouldn’t think twice about cleaning up the mess so well that you wouldn’t even be able to tell that there was a stump there before.

Stump Removal Experts Have Valuable Knowledge and Experience

This is one perk that is universal among almost all services — when you call an expert, you get expert consultation on your problem. One great thing about tree and stump removal services is that they not only know what they’re doing, they know why they’re doing it. In other words, professionals can diagnose the problem areas of your yard, assist with any special needs your particular stump has, and alert you to any other problems that might be looming on the horizon (or that are already present).

There are a lot of red flags in one’s yard that can be indicative of larger problems. Tree diseases, certain kinds of pests, and so on can develop into serious issues that wreak havoc on your little ecosystem. Furthermore, in terms of actual removal, experts will be able to see difficulties that might be unknown to you. Knowing, for example, how the root systems likely expand underground is an important component of tree and stump removal if you want to get the job done without any collateral damage.

Your Local Tree Experts Can Help

There are a whole lot of trees in the Whatcom County/Bellingham area, and where there are trees, there are stumps that need to be removed. Don’t try to take stump grinding on by yourself — it’s a pain in the butt that’s easier left to professionals.

At Whatcom Tree Service, we are expertly trained for tree and stump removal, and will gladly work with you to make the process as easy as possible. We will do all of the heavy lifting, diagnose any yard problems you might be oblivious to, and leave your yard so clean that it will be hard to notice there was even a stump there in the first place.

If you’ve got a big fat stump that’s begging to be removed, or any other sort of tree removal services, don’t do it yourself — call Whatcom Tree Service today for a free estimate!