If you recently cut down a tree, you may have a stump left behind. We understand that your little ones might enjoy playing on the stump and using it as a table for their tea parties, but here are six reasons you need to remove the stump:

    1. Stumps attract insects: That stump in your yard is decaying. This means that your stump is attracting bugs, such as beetles, ants, termites, and other pests that could spread to your home if you are not careful.
    2. Stumps are dangerous: Your kids may enjoy playing on them, but they can cause a child to trip and fall. Even worse, if a guest should trip and fall over a stump, you are held liable.
    3. Stumps are in the way: Imagine mowing your lawn with a tree stump right in the center. It would be hard to navigate around, wouldn’t it? Avoid the hassle and get your stump removed.
    4. Stumps are ugly: If you take pride in the appearance of your yard, a stump simply will not do. Don’t let this eyesore detract from the beauty of your home and landscaping.
    5. Stumps cause growth: Did you know that leaving a stump could cause new sprout growth? These small trees are resilient and often take chemicals to be removed fully.
    6. Stumps take up space: Imagine what you could do with that space once the stump is removed! Depending on the size of the tree, that could be a new picnic table or playground spot for your little ones.

Don’t hesitate to call the experts at Whatcom Tree Service. We are ready to assist with any tree removal Bellingham has for us, including the stumps!