Summer is almost here! The long afternoons spent in the sun, sipping on some fresh lemonade, and lounging in your backyard with friends and family are just around the corner. As you imagine the perfect space for entertaining, you might realize that the decaying tree in the far corner of your yard is a real eyesore – or worse, it’s a safety hazard. In order to get the most out of your backyard this summer, make sure to call the tree removal professionals in Bellingham. In the meantime, take a look at some of our favorite backyard activities to make the most out of your summer:

Outdoor Games

When you are entertaining your guests or even just the family, outdoor games is one the best options! There are some activities that can’t be done inside, and that’s what makes these games so exciting. Whether you want to play cornhole and throw some bean bag sacks across the yard, or whether water balloons is more of your family’s style, everyone will have fun with a little competition. For those of you without kids, adult games can be just as fun! Tossing a frisbee or a football back and forth is a great way to soak up the sunshine without traveling too far to do it.

Playing with the Sprinkler

It’s hot out there, so give the kids a treat! Simply hooking up the sprinkler and letting your kids run around in it is a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. For those of you with a pool, that’s even better! Enjoy lounging by the poolside and enjoy the cool water when the heat becomes too much.

Hosting a Party

Invite your closest friends and family over to enjoy the sunshine with you in your yard! You can set up picnic tables and tell everyone to bring their favorite summer dish to share. Whip up some summer cocktails and let the party go on for hours. You can even enjoy the mild summer nights by setting up lights in the backyard to keep everything illuminated! Bring a speaker outside for extra music. Don’t forget to make a summer playlist!


There is nothing wrong with a low-key day spent in the sun! Go out and invest in some lounging chairs so you can soak up the sun’s rays. Or, move the chairs to the cool shade of your trees and enjoy the breeze. Whether you choose to lounge out there by yourself and enjoy the quiet, or if you choose to bring your friends out there for a lazy day in the sun, you can be sure that your backyard will be the number one spot of the summer.

Your Trees

Sometimes, your trees can get in the way of your summer plans. If you have a tree that is overgrown and a little wily, give us a call. Our tree care services are unparalleled in Bellingham, and we would be happy to trim, prune, and lift your tree to your specifications. If your tree is on the decline and may not be able to survive, we can handle that, too. Our team of tree removal professionals knows exactly how to remove trees from your yard without damaging your landscaping. We can ensure that all parts of the tree are gone for good, which can be a real challenge! Even if you only have an unsightly stump left in your backyard from a previous tree, we can take care of that as well.

Make the most of your summer and give our tree removal experts a call! Whatcom Tree Service is here to help you and your family.