Whether you are looking to sell your home or you are just trying to make your place stand above the rest in the neighborhood, there is nothing that can help your place shine quite like curb appeal. Your home’s curb appeal is comprised of several different aspects: the landscaping, the trees, the plants, the lighting, any fencing, and other unique yard additions. Today, we at Whatcom Tree Service would like to share with you some of the essentials to a strong curb appeal and how to master the look for your home.


When it comes to really setting your Bellingham home apart, the trees can work wonders. However, a misplaced or overgrown tree can hide your home and cause unsightly branches to get in the way of enjoying the true beauty of your house. Hiring our tree service professionals to prune and trim your trees is the perfect way to ensure that they grow tall and healthy while still complementing the flow of your home.

If you have a dead or sick tree in your yard, its old branches can cause your home to look weathered, sad, and gloomy. Our tree removal professionals are ready to jump in and remove any trees that are in the way of your yard being in top condition. If you are one of the unfortunate folks with a tree stump in your front yard, you know that this can completely destroy your curb appeal. The good news is, we are happy to remove the stump for you and return your lawn to its beautiful state.

Native Plants

All plants can make for a beautiful front yard, but maintaining plants that are native to the Washington area is much easier and less expensive than caring for exotic plants. This can save you money as well as help the environment! In fact, the National Wildlife Federation awards a special certification to those homeowners who choose to care for native plants in their yard in order to help birds, butterflies, and other small animals looking for a place to live. Even if you don’t want a mini forest at your home, you can still choose your favorite native flowers and plants and remain confident that they will grow and flourish with ease.


Outdoor lighting is one of the most desirable features when it comes to curb appeal. Tasteful lighting can highlight some of your home’s best features at night and welcome guests inside. Whether you choose small lights along the pathway to your home to guide all who enter your home or add lights along the front to accentuate any gardens in the front, you can be sure that everyone will love the lights. Aside from the aesthetics of your home, additional outdoor lighting has been shown to deter theft.


While a nice fence isn’t required, it can boost your home’s value by the possibility it gives the family who purchases your home. This becomes a safe space for pets to run free, as well as a way to ensure your privacy. Nice fences that have been made from wood and well-maintained can be a serious boost to the overall value of your home. While they are not an essential, they can boost your home value by even a couple thousand dollars.

Terracing and Walkways

These are other non-essential things you can have in your yard, but they can add a unique level of beauty that many other homes lack. This can make your home stand above the rest when it’s time to sell it to the new owners. Strategically placing these around your tall trees can help piece the whole look together. A terrace is perfect if you have a heavily sloped yard and you are looking to control any erosion from water runoff. Walkways are also a great way to ensure no guests will need to trudge through the wet lawn to make it to your front door.

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