Bellingham residents see thunderstorms come and go, but what happens when lightning strikes the tree in your beautiful front yard? Make sure you know how to respond and assess the damage done to your tree!

Why Do Trees Get Struck By Lightning?

Trees are tall and tend to attract lightning in storms. All trees contain moist tissues that conduct electricity better than any dry wood at the center of the tree. When struck, the tree has an electrical current pass through it that can lead to bark shooting from the center of the tree. Those trees with less lightning damage may get a long but narrow split in the trunk.

Will My Tree Die?

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to predict whether your tree will live or die after becoming the victim of a lightning strike. You may find ways to take care of damaged trees, but oftentimes their exposed bark can invite pests, weather damage, decay, and disease into the tree and harm it further. While your tree may survive the initial strike, it may be hard to care for in the months and years to come.

What Should I Do After Lightning Strikes My Tree?

When your tree becomes damaged from lightning, make sure to call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service. We know that dangling limbs and sharp branches are a safety hazard for you and your family, which is why we are here to help. Let us take a look and help you decide whether you should try to salvage the tree or take it down. Contact us today!