At Whatcom Tree Service, we understand better than anyone how much a well-kept yard can add to your home. Having an outdoor sanctuary that you can call your own gives you another place where you can hang out, entertain guests, and host gatherings. However, just as you wouldn’t want pests like insects and rodents inside your house, keeping them out of your yard is necessary to get the most of your outdoor living space. Here are some tips on how to keep pests out of your yard from your Ferndale tree removal service.

Compost Bins Composting your food scraps and yard waste is a great way to make fertilizer for your yard and garden, but all that food can be a magnet for mice. And with mice come snakes. Make sure your compost bin can be tightly secured with a locking lid. Hardware cloth is a great material to construct a bin because it can provide the airflow your compost needs while keeping rodents out.

Standing Water Shady, wet areas are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you want to reduce the number of them in your yard, make sure water features such as fountains and ponds aren’t completely shaded. Regular cleaning is also needed to prevent mosquito eggs from being laid and hatching in your water features.

Dead Trees Squirrels, raccoons, and other critters would love to live in the hollow portions of your dead tree. If you have a dead tree in your Ferndale yard, don’t wait for unwanted occupants to move in; contact Whatcom Tree Service for fast, safe, and efficient tree removal today!