When it comes to locating a hazardous tree, it’s not always obvious what to look for. For example, if a tree looks partially dead, is it a danger to you? When should you call in professionals to take care of the danger for you?

Hazardous Trees

A hazardous tree is one that could cause damage to people, homes, businesses, and other important things in our world. This means that even a partially damaged tree in the woods where very few people ever pass may not necessarily be considered a hazardous tree. When it comes to finding a hazardous tree, look first at the location. If this tree is next to your home, it may be dangerous.

Check the Trunk

Trunks can often reveal the health of the tree, as well as any potential dangers. Here are some problems to look for in a tree’s trunk:

  • Forked Trunks: If a tree’s trunk is forked, it may indicate a weakness in the tree. Check for one side growing outward instead of upward.
  • Decay: Check for cavities, disfiguration, and fruiting bodies of fungi. Some decay is harmless, but it can sometimes be enough to severely damage the strength of the tree and make it more likely to fall.
  • Trunk Wounds: If there are openings in the trunk, including lightning scars, then these wounds can open the center for decay. If there are cracks on either side of the tree, it means the wood has separated inside the trunk. These trees are extremely dangerous.

Call the Ferndale Tree Removal Experts

If you suspect your tree to be hazardous, call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service. We perform tree removals for dangerous trees and can help take care of the healthy ones. Call today to learn more about our services.