Residents of Ferndale love their trees for many reasons. Their refreshing shade, their refuge for wildlife, the beauty they add to a home…the list goes on. But for all of the advantages that living trees have to offer your yard, there are just as many disadvantages to being stuck with a dead tree on your property. If this is your situation, tree removal is your best option.

A dead tree is a nuisance at best, and a liability at worst. For one thing, they take up space while providing none of the shade. That space could be put to better use in the form of a shed, water feature, patio, or any of the other things that make your yard an extension of your home. A dead, rotting tree also creates lots of crevices and openings for unwanted animals to move into your yard. Raccoons, squirrels, and rodents all love living in dead trees, but you might not love the messes they make or the risk they pose to your family and pets. Dead trees also present a constant risk for falling branches, which can do unspeakable damage to your home or even your loved ones.

Isn’t it time you got that dead tree out of your yard? Whatcom Tree Service can perform fast, safe, and efficient tree removal to help you reclaim your yard. Don’t let a whole lot of dead wood keep you from enjoying your Ferndale yard as much as you should be. Contact us today for a free tree removal quote!