Almost everyone has heard that they should never mess with trees growing near power lines. Around 30 percent of all power outages are caused by trees. Not only can these trees cause power outages in your home, but they can also be very dangerous to those nearby. Today, we would like to discuss the hazards of a power line and tree combination, as well as how to spot such a hazard.


Power lines usually have very little to no insulation, which means that the wires are exposed to the elements. If an object gets too close to the power line, a “flashover” can happen. This means that electricity jumps from the exposed line to an object nearby in order to reach the ground. Unfortunately, this can cause serious injury—or even death—to anyone nearby.

Dealing with a Dangerous Tree

If you notice the branches of a tree getting dangerously close to the power lines, be careful. Never try to trim the branches yourself, as you may end up hitting the power lines. Instead, call for help! If you find that your personal service line has a tree getting dangerously close, call us. We can help either trim the tree or remove it for the safety of you and your family.

Ferndale Tree Removal

If you are looking for a Ferndale tree removal service that can help you make your neighborhood and home safer, be sure to call the professionals at Whatcom Tree Service. We can help you with all of your tree needs. Call now to learn more about our services!