It must seem odd for us to be writing a blog post about planting trees, given that we specialize in tree removal service. However, our expertise in residential tree care isn’t because we don’t like trees; on the contrary, it’s because we love them. Sometimes trees have to come down for the rest of your yard to flourish, and that’s why we’ve been offering our services to the people of Bellingham and Whatcom County for years.

That being said, there is a time and place for new trees to come up, and as tree experts, we can think of a few compelling reasons why you should plant one in your yard today.

Trees Increase Property Value

From a logistical standpoint, there is one obvious reason to plant trees: they increase your property value. Hold up there, Johnny Appleseed, before you rush off to go plant a nursery in your yard, it’s important to know that only the right trees will increase your value. Not every tree is born equal, and if you want something that’s going to reflect well on your home and enhance curb appeal, you need to do some research about which trees are ideal for your neighborhood, and where you should plant it.

This is a good opportunity to call a residential tree service! We know everything there is to know about trees in the Bellingham and Whatcom County area, and we’d be happy to help you understand the needs of your yard. We can advise you on which trees are best to plant for your situation, and also if there are other issues that need to be addressed, such as hazardous trees.

Trees Make Your Yard More Pleasant

This is similar to the point above, with a slight difference; property value is mainly about increasing the worth of your property to outside eyes. But another benefit of trees is that they just make your yard more satisfying to be in. Trees are aesthetically pleasing, but they also have other benefits; they can fill in awkward open space, making your yard feel more dynamic, and they can also provide shade and attract local wildlife.

A fully grown tree also has utility; you can climb it, build a treehouse, or hang a swing from the branches for the kids. When it comes down to it, there are just so many reasons why it’s wonderful to have a good tree in your yard. If you need help determining which trees would be good for your yard, contact us today!

You Can Grow Up With Trees

When we perform tree removal service, it’s always a little heartbreaking because we know how long that tree has been growing in the same spot. It can be years or even decades, and it’s always sad to see a wizened or damaged tree reach the end of its lifespan. And that’s why we love planting new trees. It can be a wonderful experience seeing something grow over so many years.

Many trees are more than just a simple plant; there are trees that have stood in the same place for generations, providing comfort, utility, or beauty to the many people that have been in their company. Trees can be memorable landmarks or a symbol of the passage of time as parents go gray and children grow into adulthood. It’s rewarding being able to grow up with a tree, knowing that it could remain for decades even after you pass.

It Helps the Environment

One well-known fact about trees is that they produce oxygen and store carbon, which helps to curb the destructive effects that mankind has on the environment. Because carbon dioxide is an integral part of photosynthesis, trees help to eliminate the greenhouse gases that are so ubiquitous in our atmosphere now.

You may feel like one measly tree won’t make much of a difference when you live in Washington, which is practically a jungle with how many trees it has. Don’t fool yourself though; every single tree makes a difference. Even if your contribution is minimal, isn’t it better than doing nothing? Imagine where we’d be if nobody planted trees!



It’s Good for Local Wildlife

Trees are the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to helping the environment, they’re also beneficial for local wildlife. In an age where mankind is cutting more and more into natural habitats and throwing ecosystems out of balance, giving back by planting trees can help to preserve whatever wildlife you have in your area.

Birds, squirrels, raccoons, and all other manner of woodland creatures will be thankful for the tree you plant. It’s rewarding to see animals that find a new home and a place of comfort because of a tree you planted.

Find the Best Tree For Your Yard

It can be a difficult choice to determine what kind of tree to plant, and that’s why you should consider calling your local residential tree service. Whatcom Tree Service serves the people of the Bellingham area and Whatcom County, and we’d be happy to take a look at your yard, and lend you our expertise, in addition to any other residential tree care you might need. Contact us today!