As Bellingham, Washington’s Top Rated Local® tree experts, Whatcom Tree Service loves the beautiful trees of our state. While plenty of trees have been introduced into the state ever since settlers arrived here, we still believe that the best trees for Bellingham are the ones that have always been in Washington. If you’re considering planting a new tree in your yard, you should think about planting a native tree such as a Vine or Douglas Maple, Pacific Dogwood, Tamarack, Bitter Cherry, or Red or Sitka Adler.

There are several reasons to consider one of these for your next tree. First, there is a greater chance for success with a tree that is perfectly adapted to living in Washington. Trees brought in from other areas for aesthetic reasons often struggle in the new climate, experiencing stunted growth at best and dying at worst. Second, non-native plants from other areas may end up exploiting their new environment to the detriment of the other plant, animal, and even human life. A plant adapted to an arid environment, for example, may proliferate aggressively in a habitat where water is abundant. The rapidly-spreading plants can then monopolize resources to completely push established species out of the ecosystem.

Let our professional tree experts help you manage the trees that are a part of your home. For any and all questions about your Bellingham trees, Whatcom Tree Service is here to give you expert advice and provide dependable tree care, trimming, and removal services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!