Often in the world of business, appearances are everything. In order to attract investors and customers, an image of success must be projected at all times. To expose flaws is to risk introducing doubt, which can poison the public’s confidence in your business. Your business or organization’s facility is the place where there is the most risk of giving a less-than-favorable impression. As a visitor approaches your building, they will have a chance to survey the grounds of your corporate headquarters. That’s why it’s so important to have Bellingham’s Top Rated Local® tree service in your rolodex.

For years, Whatcom Tree Service has been the Eastern Washington go-to service for trees on residential and commercial properties. Our tree maintenance and regular care services ensure that your trees are strong and healthy. We can also perform tree removal to clear any unsightly remains of former glory from the premises. Most important to your business, our expert tree trimming will ensure that your trees represent your company with strength, health, and beauty.

It’s easy for a busy company to neglect their trees, and that’s why our tree service is here to help you. For corporate headquarters, large shopping areas, parking lots, and anywhere else that trees are needed for status, you can count on Whatcom Tree Service to help you make the best impression. Put your best foot forward with trees that will be sure to inspire your clients. Contact us to discuss the specific needs of your project, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.