Things are starting to warm up a bit, and we know that this weather has you itching to get outside and get those chores done! Whether you are planting a new garden, wanting to install some new gutters, or are just looking forward to having a beautiful landscape to show all your visitors, we know that late spring is the perfect time to do it. So, when it comes time to create the outdoor chore to-do list, what should go on it?

Clean the Exterior of your House

As long as your home is made of a stronger material than wood, you should be fine to use a pressure washer. In most cases, this eliminates the need for scrubbing, especially when you add detergent to the reservoir of the pressure washer. Just make sure to use a cleaner that was designed specifically for a pressure washer! Check carefully for mold as well as you clean your home’s exterior. Mold can spread and cause lasting damage, so we recommend calling in remediation specialists to help.

Repair Your Driveway

You’ve probably had that crack in your driveway for a while, so it’s time to put in a little work to make it look as good as new. We recommend removing any weeds or grass that has begun to grow in the cracks. Next, thoroughly clean your driveway with a pressure washer to get rid of the dirt that will lead to uneven surfaces. After you have cleaned the space thoroughly, you can patch any of the holes or cracks in the surface of your driveway with a concrete resurfacer. If you have a worn asphalt driveway, you can restore this surface by applying latex asphalt sealer.

Clean Your Deck

If you have a deck in your backyard, you probably know how dirty it can get during the year. In order to clean your deck quickly and effectively, we recommend finding a specifically formulated deck cleaner to do the dirty work for you. Once it has had time to work, wash away the cleaner with a pressure washer, and allow the deck to dry. If you need to add any finish to the deck, apply a sealer or stain evenly once the deck is dry. Allow the sealer to dry entirely before using the deck!

Repair Your Roof

We hope that if you have already experienced a leak that you have taken steps to get your roof repaired. However, a leak isn’t the only indicator of roof damage. Check to see that all your roof’s shingles are still in place, and look at the flashing around your chimney. If you don’t feel confident with the repairs, call in a professional! You’ll appreciate your proactive choice to repair your roof once the weather starts to get cold again.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Your poor gutters have probably collected months and months of leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters never lead to anything good! Clean them out and make sure to get rid of any clogs to prevent future problems. Check for leaks in the gutter joints as well, as you may need to call in some professionals to take a look.

Take Care of Your Trees

Check the trees on your property! Are they healthy? Have they grown a bit too much? Does part of the tree seem to be struggling? Contact the tree service professionals at Whatcom Tree Service. Your trees and landscaping can make or break the appearance of your home, and we want you to always be able to present the best version of your property possible. Plus, taking good care of your trees can add value to your home and keep your family safe from harm. Damaged or dying trees can be quite a safety hazard. If you have been left with a tree stump in your yard, we can take care of that, too. Our tree stump removal pros can handle any stump, so do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and rates.

If you are ready to take advantage of the nice weather and improve your property, it’s time to give Whatcom Tree Service a call. We can’t wait to help you uncover the true beauty of your property. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with our tree service professionals.