Nobody knows better than Whatcom Tree Service how much a collection of healthy trees can do for the yards across Everson, Bellingham, Lynden, and the rest of Western Washington. Landscapes everywhere benefit from the beauty of well-placed trees, and maintaining those trees is the specialty of our tree service. To that end, the use of mulch can be extremely beneficial to the look and health of your trees.

Keep Unwanted Weeds Out

Putting a ring of mulch around the bases of your trees is a great way to suppress the growth of weeds. They look terrible and siphon water and nutrients away from the plants you’re actually trying to support. Mulch acts as a barrier that makes it more difficult for weeds to push their way up into the light.

Handsome Appearance

A well-edged ring of mulch can help to make the area around your tree’s base look nice and tidy. Just be careful not to pile the mulch against the tree’s bark, for reasons that will soon become clear.

Water Retention

In addition to blocking weeds, a mulch barrier also prevents the soil below from drying out. That means more water makes its way into the tree’s root system before it has the chance to evaporate. But because mulch is so good at water retention, it should not actually come into contact with the tree’s visible roots, as the constant presence of water there could lead to rotting.
From mulching to trimming to removal of dead wood, our tree service is ready to help you keep your Everson trees healthy and looking great through every season of the year. Get in touch with Whatcom Tree Service today to learn more.