Now that we find ourselves in the full swing of winter here in Ferndale, our bare trees have entered their dormant period for the season. You might think there’s nothing to be done for your trees during these cold winter months, but the experts at Whatcom Tree Service know better. Because our goal is to keep the trees of Ferndale happy and healthy all year round, here are some things you should do for your trees during winter.

Brace & Protect – Snow accumulation can add an incredible amount of weight to branches that may already be stressed. Inspect your trees for branches that are especially susceptible to strain or breakage, and brace them with cables for extra support. Also be on the lookout for any dead or dying branches that should be trimmed off before the snow causes them to break and fall.

Prune – Dormancy is actually the best time to prune your tree. That’s because the tree is not expending resources to grow branches that might be trimmed off. Pruning live branches means that nutrients are wasted. Instead, have your tree pruned in the winter when there are no leaves to support. That way, in the spring, your pruned tree will be able to devote all of its resources into the branches that remain.

Nurture – Whenever there is a respite from the freezing temperatures, you should water and fertilize your trees. Mulch around their bases also helps with moisture retention. In reality, these are things that should be done year-round, but people tend to forget about them during the winter.

Let Whatcom Tree Service help you keep your Ferndale trees healthy during every season of the year. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you and your trees!