With another spring season in full swing, Washington residents from Ferndale to Bellingham are enjoying the warm sunshine, welcoming the return of native bird species, and watching plants all across town begin to bud, bloom, and blossom. If your trees have yet to begin budding, especially ones that have just recently been planted, you may be concerned about losing the plant. Our tree service is here to tell you not to give up hope just yet!

It is not uncommon for young trees to initiate the budding process later on in the season than other, full-grown plants. Buds contain precious nutrients collected and stored by trees in previous seasons. Young trees have less of these resources, owing to their smaller size and the fact that they haven’t been alive long enough to collect any more. Recently planted trees must also expend energy to develop their root system before nutrients can be amassed. Growing buds too early in the season is a dangerous gamble for younger trees.

All it takes is one hard frost to wipe out any new growth on your new tree. Delicate buds are destroyed and valuable resources are lost. A young tree that has experienced this once will be more inclined to wait longer for warmer weather. If you still aren’t seeing buds on your new tree, chances are it’s just being extra cautious so as not to sustain damage for a second year.

If you have any other questions about new tree care, contact Whatcom Tree Service today! From tree trimming to removal to regular maintenance, we have your Ferndale tree service needs covered.