Your backyard is a sanctuary, an extension of the interior confines of your Ferndale home. With summer on the way, you’re going to want to spend every spare moment you get out there. But what to do when you’re in your backyard? Sure, it’s a great place for cookouts and family games, but what is there to do in the yard when you’re alone? Here are just a few ideas from Whatcom, your trusted Ferndale tree service.

Start A Garden Learning to grow and cultivate plants can be a very rewarding experience. Many find taking the time to work in the dirt to be a therapeutic, calming experience. And of course, you can grow food to feed yourself and your family!

Relax If you have the time to enjoy your backyard, it’s because you aren’t busy doing something else. So why try to get busy in the backyard? Take a nap in the hammock, read a book, or just sit back and enjoy a cold one.

Eat! Just because there’s nobody around doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal alone in the great outdoors. Fire up that grill, throw on a brat or a burger, and enjoy your own personal backyard cookout.

All of the activities mentioned above are greatly enhanced with one thing on a sunny summer day: shade. And for shade, you need healthy trees. The backyard enthusiasts of Ferndale, Washington trust Whatcom Tree Service to keep your backyard sanctuary complete with shade for many years to come.