Try to imagine what your new tree will look like in the future.

So you’ve decided to add one or more trees to your Geneva area yard; congratulations! Summer is a great season to plant new trees, especially when you follow our tips for new trees. But since you’re going to be living with your new tree for a lifetime, it also makes sense to do some careful thinking and decision making before you ever even buy one and put it in the ground. To that end, your trusted tree service in northwestern Washington is providing some important factors to consider before you choose your next new tree.

What do you want most from your new tree?

Trees can serve a variety of purposes. Some Geneva residents want lots of shade above them while others are looking for increased privacy around the perimeter of their property. Some people might prefer trees for purely ornamental purposes, choosing species for their colorful leaves in the fall or brilliant blossoms in the spring. Still others may prefer a fruit-bearing tree, such as apples or peaches. If that’s what you’re looking for, just be aware that if you can’t keep up with an overly productive tree you may be dealing with a mess of rotting fruit in your lawn.

Considering Native Washington Species.

From the Douglas Maple to Bitter Cherry to the Pacific Dogwood, our state has a lot of great native tree species to offer. Many people prefer natives over other species that may be considered invasive. Even if that’s not your concern, you might prefer a native tree because it’s perfectly adapted to our Washington climate. That means it is more likely to thrive and grow faster than other species that may struggle in an unfamiliar environment, possibly requiring frequent tree care and maintenance from your local tree service. On the other hand, a fast-growing native species could require more tree trimming as it continues to get larger.

Size vs. Cost

New trees can be expensive, especially if it’s a large one. Every year that a tree supplier spends maintaining and growing a tree will add to the final price tag. You could save money by purchasing a smaller tree, but the tradeoff is that you will then have to wait even longer for it to reach full size in your yard. If you’re planning on living in your Geneva home for the rest of your life, that might not be too much of a concern. Others, however, may prefer to spend more money upfront to get a tree that already has a head start on its growth.

How much work will your new tree require?

In addition to the problem of falling fruit mentioned above, you might not want to clean up a ton of leaves every fall. If that’s the case, you may want to consider a pine or spruce variety.

Whatever tree you select, make sure it’s one that you can live with for a long time. And when you need an expert to help maintain it and keep it healthy and safe over the years, our tree service will be here, providing homes in Geneva, Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, and beyond with unmatched tree care!