Planting new trees can add personality and value to your property. Planting a new tree is generally a great idea after removing an old or damaged tree, as they provide fresh air, shade, and home value. However, before you start digging a hole, Proper planning will ensure that your tree will have a long and healthy life. To help make the most of your new investment here are 6 tips for planting your new tree.

Find The Right Tree – Finding the right tree allows you to meet your needs as well as keep maintenance cost low, we suggest using trees native to your region. If you live near Lynden, Washington, we can help you choose the right tree for our area.

Research Your Location – You shouldn’t just start digging a hole without any prior research. Be sure there are no pipes or cables under your dig site. If you are trying to add shade to your home, plant trees on the east and west sides of your house to protect against the sun.

Loosen The Dirt – Once your hole has been dug, it is important to loosen the dirt around the sides so the roots can easily expand their hold. Trees with narrow roots can pose a danger during storms.

Plant Your Tree – If your tree uses burlap on the roots, place the tree in the hole before cutting it open. This prevents the roots from being overexposed to the sun and air, causing them to dry out.

Fill The Hole – When you are filling the hole in you want to add dirt to the lower ¾ and compost or other nutrient-rich soil to the upper ¼ of the hole. Once the hole is filled, be sure to leave the top of the roots exposed, and about ¼-½ an inch higher than the surrounding ground.

Water Your Tree – Once you have finished planting your tree make sure to water it. Some of the soil may compact, if this happens fill the gap and water it once more. Be sure to continue watering your tree about once per week.

Now that your tree is in the ground and beginning to grow, it is important to have your tree serviced by a professional. With over 30 years of experience in the Lynden, Washington area, Whatcom Tree Service is the Top Rated Local™ Tree Service for all of your tree removal, tree trimming, and tree care.