With the turbulent months of March and April still standing in the way of the warm renewal of spring, one thing Bellingham has an abundance of is wind. Adding an extra chill to our cold winter days, high winds can be more than just an annoyance. Shingles can be torn loose, leading to a leaky roof. Backyard grills are often a casualty of strong gusts that knock them over; they’ll never be quite the same after a hard fall. And untold numbers of tree branches are wrested loose, causing damage and injury all across the state of Washington.

If your trees are healthy, they should have no problem standing up to strong winds. Millions of years of evolution have equipped our backyard trees with the qualities of strength and flexibility. However, that isn’t to say healthy trees can’t have dead branches – the continual dying off and replacement of limbs is a natural part of your tree’s life cycle. And when branches die off, they must eventually be shed to allow the plant to continue growing. Periods of high winds are useful to trees as a means of unburdening their dead wood.

What’s useful for the tree, however, can be a danger to the people living nearby. Falling branches can cause property damage, injury, and possibly even death. That’s why it’s so important to enlist the services of an expert tree trimmer. When it comes to local tree trimmers, Whatcom Tree Service are Bellingham’s experts for all your tree care, maintenance, and removal needs. Contact us today for a free estimate, have a professional tree trimmer come to you, and make sure that you and your trees are ready for the next wind storm.