With spring just around the corner, the trees of Washington will soon be awash in the glow of rejuvenation. There’s nothing better than watching the trees in our Ferndale backyards as they go through the stages of refoliation. As you dream of cool, shady summer days spent in your outdoor living space, you may also be watching the weather, anxiously hoping that we avoid a late freeze in the spring. While you may understand that a hard frost can cause damage to trees that have already begun to bud out, you might not have all the facts. Here’s what you need to know from the local tree trimmers at Whatcom Tree Service.

Our Ferndale trees can sense when the weather starts to warm up, and this is what initiates their growth cycle. Resources such as nutrients and water are allocated to the production of buds that eventually become the new leaves of the season. Freezes and frosts that occur before budding do no damage to the tree, nor do those that happen after the buds have already developed into more resilient leaves. But sometimes a freeze or a hard frost will come at the perfectly wrong time, destroying vulnerable buds and essentially wasting nutrients that the tree has collected. While not much can be done to prevent this from happening, it is important to make sure your tree is getting adequate nutrition, allowing it to more easily replace the resources it has lost.

Ferndale’s local tree trimmers at Whatcom Tree Service provide regular tree care and maintenance to help protect your backyard assets from hardships like late freezes and frosts. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you and your trees!