If you have large trees in your Ferndale yard, you’re probably well aware of some of their benefits. The shade your trees provide on a summer day make your backyard a place of relaxation and comfort, and having large trees on your property adds value to your home. But there are many other uses for your trees that you may not have considered. Here are just a few ideas from your Ferndale tree trimmers, Whatcom Tree Service.

Bird Feeders Low-hanging branches present a great opportunity for you to invite feathered friends into your yard. Watch them from your window, get a book to help you identify the species that frequent your home, and keep a log of all the exotic birds you’ve seen right in your own backyard. The more bird feeders you have, the more birds you’ll attract!

Hammocks & Swing Chairs You need a place to enjoy all that shade and watch those birds on a sunny day, and a hanging chair is the perfect use of your tree. Read a book, take a nap, or just spend a moment in quiet solitude in a comfortable chair or hammock that swings ever-so-slightly in the gentle breeze.

Wind Sculptures There are many types of mesmerizing wind sculptures available today, and adding a few to your trees could enhance the beauty of your yard. Watch from your hammock as they twist, twirl, and spin in the breeze!

At Whatcom Tree Service, we know that healthy trees are useful trees. You need a tree trimmer to keep your trees healthy and looking great. We’ll remove dying, unhealthy branches that pose a threat to the enjoyment of your backyard trees. Contact Ferndale’s trusted tree trimmer today, and continue to enjoy your trees for years to come.