Whatcom Tree Service is Ferndale’s number one company when it comes to any and all tree trimming. Aside from the obvious need to remove large, dead branches before they fall and cause damage to your loved ones or property, there are many other reasons to trim a tree. Here is a brief overview of the different methods of tree trimming.

Pruning is used to keep trees strong and stable as they grow. At various stages in the tree’s development, small and secondary branches are removed in order to promote a well-centered shape of uniform density.

During thinning, the tree trimmer will remove secondary branches throughout the crown in order to reduce the density of the branch structure. This decreases the load on the trunk, and makes the tree less susceptible to wind damage.

Lifting is used when more light is desired in a particular area, or when space needs to be made for a road, driveway, walkway, or building structure. The bottom branches are simply removed, giving the impression of a “lifted” crown.

Reduction is needed when tree branches are beginning to interfere with structures such as houses or power lines. The tree trimmer will remove the ends of branches within and at the outside edge of the crown to alter the shape and overall branch weight to accommodate the external structures and improve stability.

Let Whatcom Tree service enhance the trees of your Ferndale home for the greater enjoyment of you and your family. If you think you might be in need of our tree trimmer services, contact us today for a free quote!