Believe it or not, many people believe trees and other plants have feelings. And, as crazy as that seems, it appears that there is research saying that plants learn and react to their environments. Read on to learn more:

Plant Intelligence

Now, plants do not have brains or neurons. We know that much for sure! However, plants do have a way of signaling to one another and taking in sensory data from around them. They also seem to have a way of learning! In a study conducted by Monica Gagliano, she discovered that the mimosa pudica plant could learn from experience. These plants close their leaves when they are threatened. Her study involved dropping these plants from a safe distance repeatedly to see what would happen. After five or six drops, the plant leaves would stop closing. To test to see if the plant was just getting tired of closing the leaves, she would begin to shake the plants instead. When shaken, the leaves closed again.


What this implies is plants have a way of learning. Whether or not this is true has yet to be determined, but scientists and botanists are beginning to explore this idea further. Calling plants “intelligent” may be too much of a jump at this point, but it’s an interesting thing to ponder!

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