If you’ve been wishing you had more trees on your property, now is the time to make it happen. Whatcom County Tree Service suggests planting new trees in the early spring or late fall, when your new tree won’t be exposed to stressful conditions like too much heat, not enough water, or trying to grow too quickly. Early spring and late fall should allow the tree to be partially dormant and establish its roots before it starts to put on top growth in the warmer months. Solid roots are a must for your tree to have a long and healthy life in your yard.

After you’ve planted the tree, make sure you give it plenty of water. During these first few months, you’ll want to provide longer watering sessions less frequently. This will allow the water to soak deep into the root ball and provide plenty of nutrition to the tree. Most trees won’t need to be fertilized until at least their second year in the ground, so you can skip this step for new trees. You will, however, want to continue providing plenty of water through the winter. On those winter days when it isn’t an absolute blizzard outside, take a moment to water your new trees so they are ready for their spring growing season.

Not sure where to plant a new tree? Or what kind to plant? Or how to care for it? Give Whatcom County Tree Service a call. We’ll make sure you get the answers you need or provide you with our top-rated tree services. Get a free estimate on tree service for your property by contacting our team today!