Whatcom County Tree Trimmer

It was a strange way to start the day. My wife and I were asleep, the windows wide open for the cool July air that can only be found before the sun rises. Suddenly, we were jolted awake by what sounded and felt like an earthquake. We heard a tremendous rumbling and crackling coming from the far end of the backyard, but at that moment it was impossible to locate the source of the cacophony, much less know what was happening. The whole thing was over in a matter of seconds, but by then there was no way we were going back to sleep.

A survey of the backyard seemed to indicate that a neighbor’s tree had fallen, crushing a fence rail and taking out a utility line on the way down. The arrival of the morning light revealed that we were only partially correct – just one single branch had fallen, and it didn’t look nearly big enough to cause the damage and noise that we had experienced. But there it was, a maple branch no larger than 6 inches in diameter, tapering down over a distance of maybe 12 feet. I found out later that scrawny-looking branch probably weighed close to 250 pounds.

Tree branches can be deceptively heavy, because the wood of a living tree contains lots of moisture. We were lucky the branch hadn’t fallen onto the roof of our garage, because it would have easily damaged it beyond repair. And I hate to think of what could have happened if somebody had been standing beneath the branch when it fell. It was a rattling experience for sure, but the one question I couldn’t get past was: how much damage could be caused by a really big branch?

This is why it’s so important to get your large trees trimmed on a regular basis. Healthy trees naturally undergo limb die-off as they grow and fill the space with other limbs. Our experienced tree trimmers can identify these disasters waiting to happen and eliminate them before they cause a problem. The professionals at Whatcom County Tree Service can safely and quickly remove the dead branches and leave your tree not only looking better, but in a safer condition for you and your neighbors. If you have dead wood in your trees, don’t just wait for the inevitable catastrophe to happen. Contact Whatcom County’s trusted tree trimmers today for a free quote!