Having one or more large trees on your property offers so much that it’s sometimes easy to forget just how much our Everson yards would lack without them. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive in protecting the health of your beautiful trees. Be honest, when was the last time you had a tree trimmer come out and work on your trees? Dead branches are detrimental to the overall health of your trees, and even worse, can pose a falling hazard to you, your family, your property, and possibly even your neighbors and their property. Don’t wait for something to happen; enlist our tree trimmer services today! We’ll cut out the dead wood, leaving your tree looking all the better for it. Without those dead branches, your tree will be able to divert its resources to the growth and health, rather than repair. And without those heavy limbs waiting to fall, everybody in the area will be much safer.


Everson Tree Care & Maintenance

Your home relies on the trees surrounding it for beauty, shade, and property value. With that in mind, why aren’t you taking the utmost care of these trees? Regardless of what type of tree you have in your yard, we can help. Did you know that each tree type has different needs when it comes to how they are trimmed and cared for? Improper care, such as over-watering or improper trimming technique can actually lead to lasting damage to your tree. Our experts know how to identify each type of tree and the best method of care.

As your trees grow and change, Whatcom Tree Service can be there right alongside them. We can help your yard maintain its beauty and radiance all year long with our routine tree maintenance services. Contact us now to learn exactly how we can help!


Tree Stump Removal

What’s that eyesore in your front yard? Chances are, it’s a tree stump! Not only are these stumps ugly and lessening the value of your home, but they can also pose quite the safety risk for anyone nearby. Even if an unsuspecting neighbor meanders into your yard and trips, you could be held liable. And, these stumps make particularly cozy homes for pests and insects that you certainly don’t want to attract to your yard. So get rid of it!

While there are plenty of DIY ways to remove your tree stump, they can be quite costly and dangerous. Many of these methods don’t work over the long term, or they require you to use hazardous chemicals that could permanently damage the rest of your yard. If you want your stump to be taken care of for good, call in our team of professionals!


Everson Tree Trimming

Did you know that improper tree trimming technique can actually damage the trees in your yard? This leaves them open to pests and insects taking up residence there, which is the last thing you want. Protect your yard by having our team of experts come in and handle the hard work for you. We offer many different types of tree trimming to fit your needs, including pruning, skirting, and lifting. Just tell us what your vision is for your yard, and we will turn your idea into a reality.

So when should you call us? If your tree is overgrowing its space, we can help make it a bit smaller by only trimming the dying and dangerous branches. Also, should your tree look diseased or hazardous in some way, let our team take a closer look and see what needs to be done. Finally, any tree that is growing dangerously close to a power line is going to need constant maintenance to keep you and your family safe! Reach out to us now to learn more.


Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree simply cannot be saved. Whether it’s in the way of the new addition to your home or it died long ago and is now a hazard, our tree removal specialists can handle it for you. Let us help protect your Everson home!

Proper tree removal requires specialized equipment and a strong knowledge of proper removal techniques in order to keep your property protected. That is why we at Whatcom Tree Service are all licensed and insured with the latest and greatest in tree removal equipment! We can assist with even the most dangerous tree removal projects.

Also, if you are hoping to clear a lot for a building project or new business, we can help! Any old trees, shrubs, or other obstructive plants will be taken care of in no time. Let’s help you get on your way to building!


Contact Whatcom Tree Service

Do you have dead trees or stumps remaining on your property? Whatcom Tree Service offers stump removal and tree removal services as well. Let us clear out the dead, heavy wood so that you can get back to using your yard space for more enjoyable purposes. And with our regular tree care and maintenance, we’ll keep your trees feeling healthy and looking great all year round. Isn’t it time you gave your trees the attention they deserve? Whether you need a tree trimmer, tree removal, or regular maintenance, Whatcom Tree Service is ready to serve Everson and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!