Welcome to Whatcom Tree Service, Lynden’s Top Rated Local® tree experts. At Whatcom, we understand what a difference trees can make in the enjoyability of your yard. There’s nothing better than a nice, big shady tree in the summer to keep you cool. Trees add value to your property, complement the appearance of your house, and provide a home for birds and wildlife. For all that trees give us, they are unfortunately often taken for granted. When ignored, trees can develop problems that can negatively impact their health and appearance. Fortunately, Whatcom Tree Service is here to make sure that never happens.


Lynden Tree Care & Maintenance

You live a busy life, and we completely understand. With all of the household chores to take care of and the yard work that needs to be done, our trees are oftentimes an afterthought. This is too bad, as much of the beauty and appeal of our homes comes from lush, full trees surrounding our property. Even those of you who regularly trim your trees may be doing so improperly, inviting pests and insects to make a new home there.

As your trees grow and change, you need a team you can rely on to keep them safe and well-maintained. We can easily detect any issues in your trees and do what needs to be done to resolve the issue. Each and every type of tree in Lynden requires a certain type of care, and we know just what that is. Our professionals know how much water each tree needs, where it should be trimmed, and what pests it is susceptible to. Contact us today to learn more.


Tree Stump Removal

No one wants to deal with the tree stump in your yard, but trust us, no one wants to look at it, either! Instead of trying to find some DIY stump removal solution that may or may not work, it’s time to call the professionals. Think about it: most stump removal tools are costly to rent, demand some level of expertise to work, or include harmful chemicals that could permanently damage your yard. Permanent and safe stump removal demands a professional’s care, so contact us first.

Not only is your stump an eyesore, but it can also be dangerous! If you have any children, they can easily trip over the stump and hurt themselves. You may also accidentally bump the stump with your lawnmower and cause lasting damage. These things aside, stumps are extremely attractive new homes for insects and pests, so watch to make sure your stump doesn’t attract any harmful pests like these! Make sure your property is protected by calling Lynden’s top stump removal professionals.


Tree Trimming Services

While it might seem simple to approach your tree with some clippers and just snip away the branches that don’t look so good, take caution! This is a terrible approach! Each and every tree type in Lynden demands a different level of care and a specific pruning technique. Otherwise, you could leave your tree susceptible to illness and damages. No one wants to pay for their favorite tree to be removed simply because they pruned it incorrectly, it got sick, and it didn’t make it through the winter. Instead, call the professionals to do whatever needs to be done. This includes pruning, skirting, and lifting! Let us know what you need, and we can take care of it safely and efficiently.


Tree Removal in Lynden

Unfortunately, not all trees can be saved, which is where tree removal comes in. Whether your tree has died or isn’t doing so well, or perhaps it’s in the way of the dream home you’re about to build, it’s time to take action and get it removed. Let our team protect your Lynden home and help you get rid of that tree the right way.

Proper tree removal demands specialized equipment and experience with proper tree removal techniques. Otherwise, you could damage your home or yourself. That’s why all our employees at Whatcom Tree Service are licensed and insured—you won’t have to worry about a thing. We would be happy to help with even the most dangerous of tree removal projects.


Contact Lynden’s Best Tree Care Service Today!

Through careful trimming, we make sure that dead branches don’t pose a danger to you or your family. Our tree trimmers can remove any potentially dangerous branches, which also allows your tree to focus more of its precious resources on its healthy, living parts. Our regular maintenance can help your trees to grow strong and healthy, providing you with years of enjoyment. And for any dead wood on your property, we also provide tree removal and stump removal services. Don’t allow unhealthy or untamed trees to take away from what would normally be a beautiful yard. Let Whatcom Tree Service restore your trees to a state of natural beauty and health.

Isn’t it time you made the most of your yard? Let your trees shine with the full potential that you know they have. Residents of Lynden are encouraged to contact Whatcom Tree Service today for all your tree removal and tree trimmer needs! We look forward to helping you.