dreamstime_6304043A sick or dead tree can be a hazard to your house and family – one bad storm could send it toppling through a window or crashing through your roof! If you have a dead or dying tree in your yard, don’t let the idea of an unsightly stump keep you from getting it taken care of. Don’t worry, tree removal and stump grinding is an easy process with Whatcom Tree service. We can take care of everything from trimming back dead branches to tree felling and stump removal.

Does that poor dead tree in your yard have special meaning to your family? If stump removal and grinding seems wasteful or you can’t bear to lose that tree, there are other options. Read on for some creative suggestions of things you can do to give your tree stump a second life:


Don’t let the name deter you; a stumphouse is a treehouse. The only difference is it’s built on the remains of a dead tree rather than around a growing one. Of course, you’ll need a good wide stump at the base with a bit of height. If this option interests you, have this discussion with your tree service before they begin the tree felling process so you can keep enough stump to build on. The positive here is that, since the tree is dead, you won’t have to worry about taking extra measures to protect its growth.

Make a Table

Another option for taller stumps: turn it into a weather-resistant outdoor table! You may need to do a bit of trimming to level off the stump, but you can add any top that suits your style. Poured concrete will take a bit more effort up front but will endure weather well and you can create an original tile or mosaic top. Or, use reclaimed wood to create a tabletop. However, be sure to weatherproof it!

dreamstime_xxl_5879505Return to Nature

Give your tree stump a second life by turning it into a natural planter! You will need to drill out the center – be sure to create a few deeper runoff channels to protect against overwatering – and add succulents or shallow-rooted plants. The stump will provide nutrients as the plants’ roots burrow deeper and it will be an excellent conversation piece to your yard for good reasons instead of bad!

Help the Birds

If your tree stump is shorter or skinnier, it won’t be able to support the weight of a stumphouse or table. Instead, turn it into a bird bath by attaching a decorative pottery bowl. This will add a pop of color to your garden and invite birds to stop in for a rest. If you’d rather not permanently attach the basin, place a heavy rock in the center of the bowl to keep it from toppling over.

Fairy Houses

Particularly if that big tree has sentimental associations, you’re probably looking for a way to turn the stump into something meaningful. Turn it into a play area for your kids to continue building those happy memories, even after your tree has been felled. If the trunk is especially large, hollow out the inside, add a charming roof, and carve out a door. With a bit of work, you can turn that stump into a sweet little fairy house for your children to play in.

If it’s a smaller stump, turn it into a kid-sized tea table. Use sections of the felled tree to create stools to go with the table and paint them to add another layer of fun.

dreamstime_xxl_18030183Create a Tablescape

If you don’t want to keep that stump in your yard but you still want to get more use from it, create chargers from the trunk. Ask your tree removal service company to leave you a section of the trunk that you can cut down to 1 – 2 inch thick cross-sections of the trunk to create easy and beautiful chargers that will add a bit of extra excitement to celebratory tablescapes. In addition to adding visual appeal, wood chargers will also protect your table from marks left by hot dishes.

Don’t despair about the dead tree or unsightly stump in your yard. Turn it into something wonderful and useful instead! When it’s time to remove a dead tree, call Whatcom Tree Service in Bellingham to handle everything from trimming and felling to stump removal. Schedule an appointment today!