Like the rest of Sudden Valley, we love our trees! We take refuge from the hot sun in their shade, our children play in their branches, and we marvel at their beauty as they change with the seasons. With as much that our trees give us, it’s important that we take care of their needs as well. Dead branches are not only unsightly, they can cause a strain on the healthy, living parts of a tree. What’s worse, a falling branch can pose a serious danger to you, your family, and any guests in your yard, as well as having a potential for massive damage to your home or other property. An expert tree trimmer like Whatcom Tree Service is here to carry out the essential work to keep your trees healthy and safe for all who enjoy them. We also provide ongoing tree care to keep your trees looking good all year round. Beyond our tree trimmer services, we can also perform stump removal so that you can reclaim wasted space in your yard, and tree removal for any reason such as death, disease, or the need to make room for construction.

Sudden Valley Tree Removal

Over the years, that tree in your backyard has just become a hazard. It became infected with some disease and didn’t make it through the fight. Now, you have a dried up tree that could fall and damage your home, or worse, your family. Sounds scary, right? With Whatcom Tree Service, we know that we can clear that tree away safely and quickly so you can have your peace of mind back when it comes to allowing your family to play in the yard.

Our team’s expertise and extensive knowledge of what it takes to fully and safely remove a tree are why so many builders and contractors trust us to clear away properties of trees and shrubs before they begin a commercial project. Whether it’s one tree or twenty, we are here to help you.

Sudden Valley Tree Trimming

While tree trimming may seem like a simple chore you can tackle yourself, think about all the details. Are you ready to climb the ladder and assume the risks? That’s not to mention the problems that can arise if you trim your trees incorrectly, leaving them exposed to disease and pests. Eliminate the hazard by calling our team. Thinning, windowing, and skirting are all tree trimming techniques and methods our professionals use to give you the best possible results for your yard. Just tell us what you want and we can recommend the right course of action to make your yard look incredible. We provide proper pruning to ensure that your tree can continue to grow and flourish.

Sudden Valley Tree Care & Maintenance

When you first purchased your property, you were thrilled about all the beautiful trees lining your home. Now that they’ve become unruly, you aren’t sure where to start to keep your property looking its best. That’s where we come in. Bellingham Whatcom County is home to many species of trees, each of which requires specific care and attention. Our professionals know just how to handle each of these trees, and we can ensure that your trees have the care they need for the duration of their lives. We can create a regular maintenance plan or just swing by when you need us. Contact our team now to learn more.

Sudden Valley Tree Stump Removal

While you can always rent a stump grinder and handle the issue yourself, this costs more time, effort, and frustration than we believe it’s worth. Consider the time you have to spend learning how to use it effectively, as well as the cleanup of the mess afterwards. No one has time for that. Contact Whatcom Tree Service to tackle your stump grinding project for you and leave your yard looking better than ever. While they may not look like much, tree stumps can provide quite the hazard for children who don’t watch where they are going. They can also attract pests who are looking for a new place to live. Don’t let your yard attract unwelcome visitors—get rid of that stump as soon as possible by contacting us.

Whatcom Tree Service

Our team of tree experts is courteous, professional, and does nothing but the best work, every time. We are fully licensed and insured, and have everybody’s safety in mind on every job we perform. Our rates are competitive, and you will find that while our tree service may not always be the least expensive, you will get the best value for your money with Whatcom Tree Service.

For tree trimming, tree removal, and ongoing tree care in Sudden Valley, you can’t beat Whatcom Tree Service. Contact us today, and let us show you why we’re the best around!